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Message from the CEO

  • iSIRIUS is a specialized company dispatching talents such as production & manufacturing contractors.

    People who respect the company, with iSIRIUS!

    Based on trust and innovation, iSIRIUS is leading the system integration industry including production contracts, talent dispatching, recruitment and recruitment.

    We will become a world-class company by exceeding the best in Korea with efficient personnel management and know-how.
    In order to enhance the competitiveness of companies and improve their efficiency, we will always strive to maximize our core competencies and to maximize our professionalism and efficiency.

    All employees will be able to become a company that can satisfy their customers and develop into a company that can satisfy their employees.

    iSIRIUS will become a company that can satisfy it‘s customers and employees through efficient and competent personnel management.

    We want to develop tobe a partner with customers, a company that respects people and a company of trust.

    All employees of iSIRIUS will do their best to create an advanced culture based on trust and innovation. We will grow to be a company that realizes the best customer satisfaction and human respect based on continuous effort, abundant creativity and management know-how.

    Thank you!
    CEO : Lim Geun Joo & Choi Won Seok

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