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Production/Manufacturing contract

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Line subcontracts

Directly : Conveyor belt-type material input -> Assembly -> Inspection -> Packaging process etc.

Process subcontracts

A part of subcontracting operation process , Material handling, inspection, Maintenance of facilities, etc., Packaging process contract, Preparation process contract, Material handling contractors, Inspection process contractor, Facility maintenance contract, CELL - type contract

  • We directly perform process of input materials, assembly, inspection, and packaging in conveyor belt-typed manufacturing sites. Partial process is operated by subcontracts. We directly perform process of packaging, material handling, inspection, and equipment maintenance. Packaging process subcontracts, preparation process subcontracts, material handling subcontracts, inspection process contracts, equipment maintenance subcontracts, and CELL-typed subcontracts.

    • • Supply of manpower according to production quantity and work plan
      • Manpower management in consideration of work characteristics and proficiency by initial process
      • Job opening 20~30% above
      • Human resources management plan & Employment plan

    • • Implementation of a unique personnel system (Employment rules, personnel rules and appointment of personnel)
      • Employee list and Employee contract written
      • Punishment regulations (dismissal / discipline) and application (personnel committee)

    • • Obtain the independence of the production work, instruction supervision delivery system (independent work instruction and result evaluation execution)
      • Conduct business and evaluate results
      • Attendance book (time card), Work Request / Instruction Manual, Evaluation Report

    • • Annual leave, extension / night / holiday workers instruction and safety / health management
      • Labor-management council (installation and report, organization chart, minutes, management council)

  • It is necessary to secure responsibility for financing and self-sufficiency and legal entity.
    In addition, since the contract is dependent on the completeness of work, it should be settled and paid according to the amount of production in calculating the cost of the contract.

    • • When calculating the cost of the contract, the settlement is made according to the quantity (production)
      • Determine the type and amount of money paid to employees, and instructions
      • Price agreement statement, subcontract claim charge statement, subcontract deduction calculation statement

    • • 4 types insurance
      • Loss of property maintenance, including contract

    • • Wage rules and pay standard, wage ledger (Classification of the ordinary wages item), establishment of age standards by job analyses by occupational group/position, establishment of payment standard of money and valuables (Except wages, others), severance pay, performance-based benefits, Decision of calculation and payment methods of extension/night and holiday work and annual and monthly holiday.

    • • Ener into agreements on the loan of use depending on providing machine / facilities / tools and materials free of charge or at a cost

    • 01.

      Production / Request Manufacturing Contracting / Consultation

      - Consultation on current situation and schedule etc.

    • 02.

      Field analysis

      - Analysis of manufacturing specifications / methods / facilities / characteristics / quality productivity

    • 03.


      - Proposal / unit price proposal (operation / process / operation analysis, standard time calculation / facility capability / loss contents / average number of people / production quantity),Unit price (Wage calculation, unit price per unit)

    • 04.

      Contract / schedule consultation

      - Contract schedule consultation(Completely manufacturing consignment contract without legal problems/A consultative body, Set up schedule, Management point etc.)

    • 05.

      Manager consulting training

      - Production manager, production manpower sourcing interview / training etc.

    • 06.

      Placement of managers

      - Managers are placed in sites and inspect them.

    • 07.

      Test operation

      - Test operation for the certain preparation period (15 days to 3 months) before production subcontracts

    • 08.

      Manager consulting training

      - Discussion of the current status and schedule

    • 09.

      Placement of the managers

      - Adjustment of operation by day / month / quarter / year after evaluating the results

    • Preparatory stage

      • A preparatory stage
      • Education consulting Field manager
      • Human resource recruitment planning and management consulting Establish close cooperation between 'A' and 'B'

    • Introduction stage (Step 1)

      • Introduction stage(1STEP)
      • Acquire functions in cooperation with the guidance of the main company
      • The guidance of work map based on standard work
      • Individual job skills and quality assurance

    • Skillful stage (Step 2)

      • Multifunctional skill cultivation along with process relocation
      • List up In case of contract management problems / consultation
      • Operating line itself (Personnel management / Management / Quality and other production)
      • On-the-job training (Quality, cost price, productivity, safety and environment)

    • Completion stage (Step 4)

      • Individual productivity by consulting for familiarization
      • Productivity through process improvement consulting work
      • The ascription of incentives consulting to the goals
      • Contract / Consignment

Subcontracts/Business consignment

What is a task consignment contract?

isirius has specialized in outsourcing services for clients, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of the company by investing in the core areas to reduce costs and to minimize the cost of corporate management, while also streamlining the organization of customers.