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What is dispatched worker?

iSIRIUS employs workers (dispatched workers), maintains their employment relationship, dispatches them to employers in accordance with the terms of the dispatch contract, and employs them to conduct and command the employer to maximize the efficiency of their work.
iSirius provides efficient and continuous talent dispatch services based on systematic management of talent management.

Expectation effect

  • Administrative aspect

    • Increase in efficiency of personnel/labor management
    • Speed/Convenience of selecting and placing talented persons

  • Functional aspect

    • Utilization of dispatched human resources in non-core business makes companies' capability focus and concentrate on higher value-added core business.
    • Utilization of the outside company's expertise makes productivity improved and management efficient

  • Economical aspect

    • Security of the flexibility of expenses as employment flexibility makes wages and fringe benefits variable.
    • Reduction effects of fringe benefits and general maintenance costs
    • Reduction of employment costs by employing professional talented person promptly