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Head hunting

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iSIRIUS company respects people and provides the best service.

'Originally referred as Human Resource Research and as a medium for re-employment or scouting of highly skilled professionals, 'iSIRIUS's veteran consultants are experts in finding top executives, executives and engineers.

Service sectors

1. Executive Search focusing on directors and executives
1. Middle Search targeting managers and assistant managers below department heads
3. Junior Search that introduces new employees or experienced persons who work for less than or equal to 3 years
4. Various jobs that head hunting is allowed such as senior management in each sector, chemical, construction and engineering, IT, semiconductor, electricity and electronics, and internet fields.

Head hunting process

  • 01.

    Receiving Customer Requests

  • 02.

    Reviewing Job Requirements

  • 03.

    Reviewing Job Analysis

  • 04.

    Searching candidates

  • 05.

    Making an Interview with candidates

  • 06.

    Negotiating Contract Conditions

  • 07.

    Signing Employment Contract


    Post-Employment Management