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Sirius values individual dreams and visions.

Both the company and the individual are always working to create a better future for the Sirius family. We are the persons who always strives to be the best in our field with open mind and innovative thinking.


  • Profit sharing

    Sirius use profit sharing system that shares a part of the company's profits with employees to intent employees who work with us share our achievements.Employees can earn a fair evaluation of performance and received incentives.
  • Retirement pension

    This is a welfare system that enables employees to earn retirement benefits from financial institutions during their tenure in order to secure old-age income and to stabilize their lives.
  • Medical check

    To manage employees health we provide precise health check ups regularly every two years.
  • Accident insurance

    Employees and their families are entitled to collective accident insurance to relieve the burden of accidents or sicknesses.
  • Present

    We will give a holiday gift to all the staff / employees for the pleasure of the whole family in the national holidays.
  • Wedding anniversary

    We offer gifts (gift voucher) with the message celebration for happy families to married employees.
  • Baby gifts

    자녀를 출산한 임·직원에게 축하의 의미를 담아, 선물(상품권)을 제공합니다.
  • Employee performance

    Give gifts, flowers and greetings to the wedding ceremony. Give the flowers and visit when employees’s family have funeral.